How To Become An Attraction Magnet Video

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Learn How to Become an “Attraction Magnet!!”

What will you learn?

This 60-minute video is designed to provide the skills for women and men to attract or alert others that they are available and open to meet new people. Whether you’re out running errands or out on the town with friends, this course will surely propel you from giving the signal that you’re unavailable to an attraction magnet! Reserve your seat today and start applying these tips the very next day!

  • What does your image say about you? Hear what studies suggest are the best colors and images that the opposite sex finds most attractive.
  • Flirting Tips – The Stare, The Tone, The Walk, The Close
  • Conversation Starters and Topics – So he/she notices me? What do I say?
  • Learn the top 3 things Women find attractive in a man
  • Learn the top 3 things Men find attractive in a woman
  • Where are the top 5 types of places that are most frequented by singles?